Jeff Holcombe Photography

Where science and art merge.


It's all about discovery. That precious, fleeting moment of clarity when a problem seems to be solved. Before intruding new questions once again prompt immersion. Then into the eutrophic stew of the unknown we go, while the partially known, and the errantly assumed, incredibly melt away. 

No one has ever seen a cell do that before. Have they? Why did it do that? Why is this or that image exciting? Different? Is it unique? Is it new? Why have so many struggled to get to the leading edge and peer over the precipice into the abyss? See how eagerly we bring the abysmal creatures out into the light. We lie belly flat in the stew. We prod and provoke and dissect and test and winnow. Much needs to be discarded. There will be intense frustration. Discovery can't be easy.